One Land - Love It! - Olli Move 2021
World Rhino Day22 September

World Rhino Day

22 September

Moving from caring to doing! Action for Rhino Conservation.

What is the OLLIMove?

The OLLIMove is an active virtual event that takes place globally starting on World Rhino Day

It is a call to action and an opportunity for individuals to make a statement for our Rhino and to move from just caring to actually doing by completing a physical move or activity in any location around the world during the week starting on World Rhino Day 22 September - 28 September. 

Your move can be any activity used to create awareness, here are some ideas:

Walk, Yoga, Cycle, Surf, Hike, Dance, Paint, Swim, Endurance sport, Write, Martial arts, CrossFit…

How do I take part?

Follow these 3 easy steps to take part in the OLLI Move

Step 2:

Any time during the week starting on

World Rhino Day 22 September - 28 September


Make sure to record your move/activity on Strava, if you register on the website you would have already filled in the details.

Step 3:

Take a photo/video of you doing your move and post it to social media.


Don’t forget to tag One Land Love It

Donate to Rhino

Please consider making a donation to OLLI

In order for us to take on conservation and education initiatives and

counter-poaching projects, we rely on public funding




In 2019 we had people move for our Rhino in 22 different countries,

and 33 countries participated in 2020 ...

Let's see what we can do in 2021!

Global Involvement

Ashley Dowds and The OLLI Move for rhino


Current crisis

Roughly 10 000 rhinos have been poached for their horns in the last decade... 

South Africa, home to over 80% of the world’s rhino, is at the heart of this struggle. Poaching figures indicate a decline but grim population statistics reveal the concern that this is simply because there are fewer rhino left to poach.

As responsible citizens and custodians of our natural resources and wildlife, how can we risk saying that in our lifetime we allowed the extinction of our rhino?

We have to act to debunk the myth that rhino horn has value other than when it’s on a rhino, secure natural protected habitats, stop corruption and poaching, apply pressure to government and policymakers to intervene meaningfully and do what we can as individuals to take a stand against the unrelenting attack on this iconic species before it is too late.

 82% of the world’s wild mammals have been lost since 1970 and currently, a million species are facing extinction in the next few decades.   If we can’t save the rhino – how will we save the rest?

The time “to care” has passed… the time “to do” is now! Together let’s move from caring to doing!




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