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Thank you for participating in our Olli Move Challenge for World Rhino Day.  This is our inaugural challenge and we are relying on your support to network and spread this call to action.  We want as many people as possible collaborating internationally in support of our rhino!


Anyone who has ever wanted to make a statement and difference for our rhino.


Date: World Rhino Day – Sunday / 22 September 2019 – no prescribed time
Place:  Wherever you find yourself


  • Move – a call to action - from just caring to doing
  • Be an example – if you do others follow
  • Create awareness and support rhino conservation

donation / beneficiary


A tangible and meaningful contribution to a rhino conservation initiative.

(To be announced)


Log / Record your “move” whatever it may be
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Cycling For Rhinos

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Since 2014, 3 rhinos have been poached every day for their horns… over 7000 in the last decade. South Africa, home to over 90% of the world’s rhino, is at the heart of this struggle. As responsible citizens and custodians of our natural resources and wildlife, how can we risk saying that in our lifetime we allowed the extinction of our rhino.
We have to act to debunk the myth that rhino horn has value other than when it’s on a rhino, secure natural protected habitats, stop corruption and poaching, apply pressure to government and policy makers to intervene meaningfully and do what we can as individuals to take a stand against the unrelenting attack on this iconic species before it is too late. 
82% Of the world’s wild mammals have been lost since 1970 and currently a million species are facing extinction in the next few decades.   If we can’t save the rhino – how will we save the rest?
The time “to care” has passed… the time “to do” is now! Together let’s move from caring to doing!

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Remember to donate to this great cause

The time to act is now - before it is too late. Your support can make a difference.

Olli Riders



One Land Love It (Acronym OLLI) was established in 2015 as a means to demonstrate through example the need to move from caring to doing and so make a difference to our conservation landscape – in particular the current crisis facing our rhinos.

Initially OLLI focused around the efforts of the Bolton family as they pursued their passion, being conservation, where they used their own efforts as a way to lead through example and initiated two cycling expeditions over 2015/2016 and again in 2017 with Founder, Wayne Bolton, cycling 8000kms around South Africa in 3 ½ months. The beneficiaries for these expeditions were Care for Wild Africa and SANParks Honorary Rangers.

Imagine a puzzle

Why should we be concerned about the loss of an animal, plant or insect species from our natural environment? 

So what if we lose the rhino?
Imagine a puzzle and that you live in the puzzle. All the pieces fit tightly together. We are part of a bigger picture where all natural things are inter-dependent or influence other things in our picture.  Losing one aspect of the picture, or a puzzle piece, has a lasting effect on the picture. The picture can never be whole again. There will always be something missing. Our children will come into the world and look at the incomplete picture, and wonder what the missing piece looked like and what difference it made.
The hole in the puzzle causes the other pieces to become looser.  They start to move with the restless movement of the earth and its inhabitants.  Eventually, we cannot see where the missing piece went.  But, things are different... More chaotic... Less balanced...
Pieces that relied on the missing piece are no longer supported and have to look elsewhere for their support.
What does the rhino support? What role does it play – what depends on it? Will our landscape be complete without its tank like body roaming our bushveld? Will things ever be the same without the massive elephants roaming our landscape like a scene in a “Land before Time”?  Will we ever be the same when we lose the majestic lion and we no longer hear his deep, chilling challenge in the darkness?  No. The time to act is now- before it is too late and we face the reality of our loss without any way to redeem it.

Rhino Conservation Puzzle

Remember to donate to this great cause

The time to act is now - before it is too late. Your support can make a difference.

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